Ceramic Art from Hadrian’s Wall Country

Gwyneth Wilde is a ceramic artist living in rural Northumberland.

Her work is a response to the magnificent countryside which surrounds her home - pieces which record the farming life of the fells in loving detail.

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The Artist ArtiGWYNETH  M.  C.  WILDE.




I am a ceramic artist living on the Roman Wall; our house is built on the remains of Turret 47b which is close to the village of Gilsland. As a child I spent every holiday at a cottage in East Woodburn less than thirty miles from where I now live. Holidays consisted of almost living on a local farm with a delightful farmer and his wife who taught me everything I know about sheep and the jobs throughout the year that are carried out to maintain a healthy flock. I helped repair dry stone walls, erect fences, inject sheep, dip, clip, lamb ewes, pare feet and all the other jobs associated with sheep and their care.


My work reflects my love of sheep and the dry stone walls that criss-cross the landscape I live in. Each piece of work is unique and cannot be duplicated but similar pieces and breeds of sheep can be portrayed.


My ceramic sheep enclosures perhaps represent all of our lives; we are all ‘penned in’ because of various restraints or beneficial circumstances, be it financial, family commitments, expectations of ourselves and others, work, moral responsibility and other situations that restrict our freedom. However, restrictions are not necessarily bad, we may choose to leave one enclosure only to enter another, just as farmers pen up their sheep on a regular basis to carry out work for the benefit of the whole flock.


My workshop is on the Roman Wall footpath between Chapel House and the Poltross Burn less than a mile out of the village of Gilsland. I make all my ceramic pieces in my workshop where I live and I open my studio during the Art Tour in June and July.


I am a fully qualified teacher and have spent many years teaching crafts in schools and at Newcastle College. Just over ten years ago I decided to study for a Contemporary and Applied Arts BA (Hons) and spent three years specialising in Ceramics. This year, 2012, I am taking part in Potfest in the Pens which is an international ceramics selling festival based in the cattle market at Penrith. It may sound a bit odd to have a ceramics festival in a cattle market but this was the only undercover venue large enough to house such an event. 2012 is the festival’s 19th year and it takes place on 3rd 4th and 5th August still in the same place it started in, in  1994. Potfest in the Park and Potfest in the Pens are events which reveal the vast, truly inspirational wealth of ceramics which is made throughout the world.


I ran a ten week ‘Introduction to Ceramics’ course in 2011 and I believe everybody who took part enjoyed it very much and learnt many methods and techniques. I am planning various day courses for 2012 and I can be contacted about this by the following methods.


Tel.        016977 47504

Mob.     07800 962 879








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Tel.  016977 47504           Mob.  07800 962 879        wildethings@hotmail.co.uk